Hot Rolled Coil is a steel product in the form of coiled steel strip produced from the hot rolling process in the Hot Strip Mill facility. This product is usually called a” black steel” otherwise Cold Rolled Coil is called a “white steel”. The steel slab as the raw material is reheated up to 1,200 °C and then further rolled until achieving the final desired thickness. Generally, HRC is being used as general & welded structure, rerolling oil & gas pipe, automotive, pipe & tube, container, shipbuilding, heavy-duty vehicle, weathering & corrosion resistant steel, boiler & pressure vessels.

Hot Rolled Coil is one of Gunung Prisma product that is highly demanded by customers.  Our hot rolled coils have excellent formability and weldability with the best heating steel and recrystallization temperature, making HRC qualified to be exported and imported with international and national standards. Applications of hot rolled coils include building structural, pipe, shipbuilding, and recoiling to become CRC. Our specifications are divided into mild steel which are SS400 and SPHC, and high strength for SM490 and S335JR.

SS400 is one of the most used hot rolled general structural steel. The material is cheap and versatile and plays an important role in construction, bridges, civil engineering, and mechanical equipment structures. This kind of steel plate sheet has some features, such as its heat condition, excellent freezing, even structure with pressure resistance, and its good mechanical properties. SS400 is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G 3101 standard. JIS G 3101 is a Japanese material standard for hot Rolled steel plates, sheets, and strips for general structural usage. The structural quality hot rolled SS400 steel is more reliable in its tensile strength than SS330 steel. SS400 Steel meaning: SS is the abbreviation of Steel Structure, 400 means that the tensile strength is ≥ 400 MPa.

SPHC stands for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Plates, Sheets, and Strips. SPHC Steel Plate is a commercial quality hot rolled steel and classified as structural steel. General steels are used for general forming and deep drawing.  SPHC is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G 3131 standard which is a Japanese material standard for hot rolled steel. The color of the steel is dark or black. The applicable thickness for SPHC material as defined in the JIS 3131 starts from 12 mm to 14 mm with width ranges to 2000 mm. 

SM490 is hot rolled steel for welded structures in the form of plates, sheets & strips for architecture, and engineering structures. SM490 A/B/C is Hot rolled steel plate used for outside engineering, ship, and military (armored) construction meanwhile SM490YA/YB is a super heavy steel plate for welded structures of bridges and highway construction. The applicable thickness for this SM490 steel material is from 6mm to 300mm. This SM490 steel plate has the characteristics of being stronger & tougher than carbon steel, ductile, very malleable, and can be welded. This type of steel plate is used in truck frames, brackets, boom cranes, railroad cars, and other similar applications. It is also lighter than other steel aimed to increase fuel economy in car and truck construction.

Steel grade S355JR is used to manufacture hot-rolled flat and long products, which are subsequently used when producing steel building structures. S355 offers high yield and tensile strength and is supplied with a variety of treatments and test options to ensure that it is highly usable steel in your various projects. Structural unalloyed steel S355JR has a wide range of applications in construction, metallurgy, heavy and transport engineering, machine tool, power engineering, and bridge building industries. Various profiles and metal structures, parts, and elements of ground and underground equipment are made from steel S355JR. The grade designations of SANS 50025 / EN10025-2 refer to the minimum yield strength of each grade for thicknesses less than or equal to 16mm.

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