Community engagement

Gunung Prisma’s primary responsibility is to deliver sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental protection in a responsible manner.

Steel support global economic development and many aspects of modern life, helping maintain and raise living standards for Indonesian people.

At Gunung Prisma, we believe a successful business is built on relationships based on mutual trust, respect and benefits. These relationships provide the requisite confidence to drive sustained growth through business and economic cycles.

Our sensitivity to emerging customer needs with improved products and innovative services, creation of mutual value with suppliers, and commitment to improve lives in the communities we serve GP Corporate Profile Social Contributions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cibalagung Bridge Infrastructure Material Donation

On Nov 19, 2020, we responded to the call of Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (Regional

Karangbolong Bridge rebuilt from bamboo bridge to become sturdy steel bridge

Before it was repaired, it had been more than a year that the Karangbolong bridge

300 PPE Donation to Kedaung Health Centre

In 11 Dec 2020, as a form of concern for medical and paramedical personnel, Gunung

Kedaung Wetan and Tanjung Anom Mask and Hand Sanitizer Donation

In 07 Jan 2021, Gunung Prisma went to Kedaung Wetan Village, Neglasari District, Tangerang City

Cipinang and Ciketing Udik Mask and Hand Sanitizer Donation

4,000 pieces cloth mask, 600 pieces hand sanitizer and 600 lunchbox were donated in Cipinang,

PPE Donation to Ciketing Udik Health Centre

As a form of concern for medical and paramedical personnel, Gunung Prisma provided assistance with